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Aseptic Bags

  • Aseptic Bags
  • Aseptic Bags
  • Aseptic Bags
  • Aseptic Bags
  • Aseptic Bags
Model No.︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5000 pc
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Product Description
Bag-in-box is one of the latest methods of packing liquids and semi liquid products. This is a laminated polyethylene high strength aseptic bag with or without aluminium layer. This filling system comes in various capacities. The bags are supplied with a screw cap, VITOP or nozzles
The bags of volume i.e. 3L, 5L, 10L and 23L (6 gallons) can be placed in cardboard boxes and on which the details of the packed product can be mentioned.
The bags of volume from 23-50 liters can be placed plastic boxes.
The bags of volume of 220 liters can be placed into metal barrels,metal drums.
The bags of 1000-liter volume are stored on special racks. These bags are mainly used for a temporary storage of products for finally filling into bags of reasonable volumes.
These bags are made of 2 & 3 layers of laminate:
Metal polyester laminate (PE/Met Pet/PE)
Transparent Polymeric laminate (PE/PA/PE)
Mega-flex Polymeric laminate (EVOH/PA/PE)
These bags are suitable for hot Aseptic & non Aseptic filling
The fitments for the bag-in-box can be of various types according to the customer's requirement.
The bag-in-box packing system is very convenient for transportation and storage of the products. In caparison to other type of big capacity containers the bag-in-box filling system is very economical.
Thanks to the Aseptic bags and the aseptic way of filling products with the subsequent of cooling bags as well as the special processing neck of the bags that inserts gas at filling in order to reach long term storage for these products that are stored in the bag-in-box system.
Products that are highly recommended for filling and storing in a bag-in-box system:
Foodstuff: Juices, drinks, fruit and vegetables, mashed potatoes, jam, wine, ketch-up, tomato paste, mayonnaise, dairy products and drinking water
Cosmetic: Creams, shampoos, lotions, bathing jells etc.
Chemicals: Household, automobile cosmetic, technical oil and various other chemicals etc.
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